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How the electronic cigarette (E-CIG) is born

The electronic cigarette (also called e-cigarette or e-cig ) is an electronic device created with the aim of providing an alternative to the consumption of processed tobacco (cigarettes, cigars and pipes) that follows the mimicry and sensory perceptions of these last.

The operation involves the inhalation of a solution based on water, propylene glycol, glycerol. It is vaporized by a vaporizer / atomizer , (a device usually a resistor powered by a rechargeable battery). Although there are few official studies on the subject, some distinguished doctors believe that the electronic cigarette is significantly less harmful than any processed tobacco taken by burning.

A BIT OF HISTORY: The first real patent dates back to 1965, deposited by the American Herbert A. Gilbert. The first commercial product was marketed in China in Beijing in 2003 using ultrasound technology by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. Marketed in China by the Golden Dragon Group (Holdings) “, a Chinese pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong, electronic cigarettes have been patented as Ruyan, which means” almost like smoke “.

There are various factors that determine the choice of electronic cigarette components: The Yocan Evolve Plus comes to mind as a modern incarnation of the evolution of the product.

Aromatic yield , that is the integrity, the body and the taste of the aroma of the liquid once vaporized and aspirated.
Hit (or blow in the throat), the perception of the vapor that passes into the larynx during inspiration. Hit also depends on the amount of nicotine diluted in the liquid.
Smokiness , the quantity and density of vapor generated by the vaporization of the liquid. The smoke depends, in addition to the efficiency of the atomizer, also on the percentage of glycerol in the liquid.
Heat , the temperature of the inhaled vapor.

Electronic cigarettes do NOT cause epileptic seizures, at most the responsibility is due to nicotine

“The FDA became aware of the fact that some people who use electronic cigarettes have suffered seizures, with most reports involving young people or adult users. Convulsions are known potential side effects of nicotine toxicity and are reported in the scientific literature in relation to intentional or accidental swallowing of an ecig liquid However, a recent increase in voluntary reports of adverse experiences with tobacco products mentioning such symptoms occurring with the use of electronic cigarettes signal a potential Emerging Security Issue The FDA continues to monitor all negative experiences reported to the agency regarding theuse of such devices and encourages the public to report cases of people who use electronic cigarettes and have had an attack via the online security warning portal. “

For a moment let us ignore the fact that the FDA itself limits the field of “alert” only to electronic cigarettes that use liquids with nicotine and we leave out for another moment the fact that it is not the electronic cigarette itself that carries these “seizures” but as FDA explains, it is the misuse of nicotine ( see explanation of nicotine and its effects ); then we can deduce by syllogism that the term “electronic cigarette” is used in a totally wrong way.

“The FDA is looking for more information on the cases after using the electronic cigarette to identify common risk factors and to understand if certain attributes of the product such as nicotine content or formulation can contribute to the attacks. After reviewing the reports of the centers of poison control between 2010 and the beginning of 2019, the FDA has established that, between the poison control centers and the FDA, there were in total 35 cases that mentioned the use of electronic cigarettes within that period of time. ”

In spite of the international studies that talk about health improvements thanks to electronic cigarettes but above all we increasingly relate to a misuse of the term “electronic cigarette” which should be, as they say more and more doctors and professionals of harm reduction – not last Konstantinos Farsalinos, “personal vaporizer”. Can we therefore create alarmism based on reports?

“We want to be clear that we do not yet know if there is a direct relationship between the use of electronic cigarettes and the risk of seizure,” the commissioner said in a joint statement with deputy commissioner Amy Abernathy. “We cannot yet say with any certainty that electronic cigarettes are causing these attacks.”

Several possible factors are therefore attributable to this phenomenon, from the concentration of variable nicotine in liquids, the design of the devices that can allow a greater emission of liquid more quickly, the behavior of the users that can increase the inhalation of nicotine compared to a normal cigarette. Some reports would then be attributable to pre-existing pathological conditions, or to the intake of other substances such as cannabis or alterations to the actual use of the electronic cigarette.

Moreover, to conclude, it is enough to just see what the FDA itself says in the release, where, the same US government agency, explains that the information currently put in place is limited, there is still no security between a direct relationship between the use of electronic cigarette and this risk reiterating the fact that it is possible that the electronic cigarette itself is not the problem but, as explained above, the nicotine.

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