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How the electronic cigarette (E-CIG) is born

The electronic cigarette (also called e-cigarette or e-cig ) is an electronic device created with the aim of providing an alternative to the consumption of processed tobacco (cigarettes, cigars and pipes) that follows the mimicry and sensory perceptions of these last.

The operation involves the inhalation of a solution based on water, propylene glycol, glycerol. It is vaporized by a vaporizer / atomizer , (a device usually a resistor powered by a rechargeable battery). Although there are few official studies on the subject, some distinguished doctors believe that the electronic cigarette is significantly less harmful than any processed tobacco taken by burning.

A BIT OF HISTORY: The first real patent dates back to 1965, deposited by the American Herbert A. Gilbert. The first commercial product was marketed in China in Beijing in 2003 using ultrasound technology by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. Marketed in China by the Golden Dragon Group (Holdings) “, a Chinese pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong, electronic cigarettes have been patented as Ruyan, which means” almost like smoke “.

There are various factors that determine the choice of electronic cigarette components:

Aromatic yield , that is the integrity, the body and the taste of the aroma of the liquid once vaporized and aspirated.
Hit (or blow in the throat), the perception of the vapor that passes into the larynx during inspiration. Hit also depends on the amount of nicotine diluted in the liquid.
Smokiness , the quantity and density of vapor generated by the vaporization of the liquid. The smoke depends, in addition to the efficiency of the atomizer, also on the percentage of glycerol in the liquid.
Heat , the temperature of the inhaled vapor.

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